Z – Zzzzz’s (New)

Z – Zzzzz’s

Why consider z’s?

The health benefits of sleep have been documented for decades. Sleep is crucial to our mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Sleep improves memory, repairs body systems, controls weight, reduces stress, maintains heart health, and improves memory function. Those grieving and living with trauma, however, find they sleep very little or not at all for reasons such as intrusive thoughts, panic and anxiety, a racing mind, heightened startle response, nightmares, or difficulty sleeping without loved ones nearby or in bed. Sleep studies, sleep schools, and specialized sleep doctors can all provide extensive suggestions for getting some much-needed z’s while on your healing journey.

How do z’s promote healing?

• By improving memory, concentration, and focus
• By promoting heart health and weight consistency
• By increasing self-esteem and productivity
• By lowering risk of anxiety and depression


Handy to Have at Home

How will you incorporate better sleep into your healing journey?