John Polo ( started integrating x-ExAMINE YOUR POSITIVES soon after his young wife, Michelle, died from cancer. Here he shares a small snapshot of his life-rebuilding with the A2Z community

John and his wife, Michelle

I woke up, I pushed through the pain and sadness, and I honored her in a unique but rewarding way. Sipping on my morning coffee, I put pen to paper and wrote a thank-you letter to the hospice staff and included one of my favorite pictures of Michelle and my stepdaughter on it. I also wrote a small donation check out to the amazing facility that did so much for my wife, our entire family and (especially) myself. I drove 35 minutes to the donut shop and picked up two dozen, plus one. Then I drove 45 minutes to the hospice center.
I walked into hospice, donuts, thank-you letter and donation check in hand, and asked the receptionist if I could head to the back. As I got to the back, I saw my favorite nurse. I was so excited to see her. She seemed super excited to see me, too — although I think a majority of that excitement may have been over the donuts I handed to her. From the moment I put that pen to paper to write that thank-you letter until the moment I left the building after delivering two dozen donuts, I had hope. A sense of purpose. “Hope and purpose? How did you have hope and purpose? You just delivered some donuts?” You might be thinking this. It wasn’t just about a couple of boxes of donuts. You see, when Michelle was dying, she would often say to me, “I don’t want everyone to forget me, John.” I would assure her I wouldn’t let that happen. Whether it is through my blog, my Facebook page, my upcoming book, or a couple of boxes of donuts, nobody is going to forget Michelle. Now, I’m putting the computer down. I told you I bought 25 donuts. I only gave 24 away. I’m going to go stuff my face with one right now. A glazed buttermilk. As Michelle would say, “They are the bomb.” Yes, she still used the phrase “the bomb.” Apparently my wife never left the year 1999.

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