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Grief and Trauma Healing Workshops

I work with both large and small groups of youth and adults who are learning to navigate life with grief and trauma. This includes at-risk teens, families with medical challenges, bereaved parents and young widows with children. Workshop participants are at various points in their healing process and individuals have an openness and willingness to try new or varied approaches to healing through action and intention.

Workshops are tailored to 60 minutes, 90 minutes, half-day or full-day sessions. Each interactive class engages participants and features teaching techniques that emphasize an entire alphabet’s worth of healing tools. The focus of each workshop is customized to meet the unique needs of the group. A2Z tools that may be included in your particular workshop are listed below:

  • Animals
  • Breathwork
  • Counseling
  • Doing Your Homework
  • Energy Therapies
  • Flowers & Fragrance
  • Group Work
  • Higher Power Help
  • Imagery
  • Journaling
  • Knowing Your New Environment
  • Laughter
  • Meditation
  • Nutrition
  • Organizing Your Supports
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Quotes that Inspire Hope
  • Right Brain Release
  • Sliding into Exercise
  • Touch
  • Utilizing Nature
  • Volunteering
  • Western & Eastern Medicine
  • Examining Your Positives
  • Your Self Care
  • Zzzzzz's (Sleep)

If you are interested in scheduling a group workshop, please contact me via email:

Here is what past workshop participants have to say about their A2Z experience:


"This A2Z workshop tapped into the deep recesses of my heart where I didn’t even realize I was still hurting. The love and care of Susan was beyond expression! She is awesome. Do not miss this workshop!"

~ Debbie M.


"I was suddenly widowed with 4 children. Many people helped me- therapists, widowed groups, friends, family, spiritual advisors- and encouraged me to ‘take care of myself’, ‘be kind to myself.’ But none of this addressed the trauma of how to keep getting up day after day to care for children, to help a bruised and battered soul survive each day. Susan’s A2Z Healing Toolbox workshop was the first resource which addressed the trauma of a sudden transformation in life. By combining Susan’s own personal experiences with her well annotated A2Z resources that work in real life, I had new ideas on how to rebuild my traumatized self – in small , practical steps. In both grief and trauma, the healing hurts. Susan’s workshop and materials acknowledged that and gave me permission to take care of myself."

~ Monika C.


"I lost my daughter in a car accident in April 2014. I didn’t have the resources nor a manual to guide me or help me on this grief journey. The A2Z workshop tools led me to alternative healing and grief methods, it provided helpful websites, books, and resources I never knew existed. There is something for everyone with A2Z Healing Toolbox. Thank you, Susan, for your dedication and strength for putting such a resource together for us."

~Trish L.


"Soon after I lost my husband to a sudden death I was looking for something that would help me work through my grief. When I learned about A2Z Healing I found it to be a very unique tool and workshop that offers simple, everyday suggestions for anyone who has experienced a loss and is looking for help to get through the day. Susan’s insight as an experienced social worker, as well as her own personal loss, give her the ability to approach the matter from different perspectives and offer helpful advice. I would recommend A2Z Healing Toolbox to anyone who has lost a loved one."

~ Heidi R.

Professional Development and Education

I offer keynote addresses, conference presentations, and staff trainings for organizations and groups of professionals who work with grieving and/or traumatized individuals, including those who are employed in mental health settings and those who are first responders. I have provided trainings for social workers, counselors, therapists, teachers, lay ministry, doctors, nurses, hospice interns, university staff, eating disorder specialists, marriage and family therapy students and non-profit foundations. My professional training as a social worker, educator and community organizer combined with my personal experience as a widow and mother to a grieving child give me a powerful perspective on grief, trauma and the healing process.

The following organizations have received training and/or provide A to Z books for education and curriculum:

  • International Death, Grief and Bereavement Conference (pending)
  • University of San Diego School of Social Work
  • Soaring Spirits International
  • The Ethan Lindberg Foundation
  • Young Life
  • The Elizabeth Hospice
  • Seasons Hospice
  • Stephens Ministry Teams
  • Healthjourneys
  • Hey Soul
  • Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Professional Business Group

The topics I cover during trainings and presentations can be customized to meet your needs. Topics include:

  • A2Z Healing Toolbox: 26 Powerful Tools for Health Professionals
  • Solo Parenting: Tools for the Family Healing Journey
  • Post-Traumatic Growth: Tools for Learned Resiliency
  • Totally Terrific Tools for Kids: 26 Fun Ways to Heal
  • Grief to Growth: A Personal Story of Restoration and Renewal
  • Taming Trauma: Harness and Heal Trauma with Intention
  • Broken Yet Blooming: How to Bridge the Grief-Growth Gap
  • Eco-Map Your Life: A New Way to Navigate Social Change
  • Get into Your Right Brain: Creative Techniques to Heal Grief and Trauma

If you are interested in scheduling a professional training or a speaking engagement, please contact me via email:

Here is what professionals have to say about their A2Z experience:


"I strongly encourage you to check out A2Z Healing Toolbox. Susan is offering concrete steps clients can take and things they can do every day in order to heal. Susan knows her stuff. It is hard-earned, well-researched and lovingly offered. Say YES to Susan’s work!"

~Tom Zuba

Life coach and author of Permission to Mourn

"Susan Hannifin-MacNab doesn’t let you go until you’ve absorbed a good, healing dose of practical wisdom, inspiration, and tools for moving forward… with the most gentle respect, kindness, and just the right dollop of humor."

~Belleruth Naparstek, ACSW

Founder of Health Journeys and author of Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal

"When someone we love dies, we are thrust into the wilderness. We wonder what to DO to find our way out of the wasteland of grief. We wonder if it’s possible to live again. Susan Hannifin-MacNab is providing what grieving people all over the world are asking for: a road map for what to DO."

~Jessica Lindberg

Founder and executive director of the Ethan M. Lindberg Foundation

"A2Z Healing Toolbox provides holistic, practical and invaluable information for any griever. Susan’s unique blend of professional expertise and personal grief experience provides enrichment, validation and hope."

~Michele Neff Hernandez

Founder and executive director of Soaring Spirits International