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Utilizing Nature

Why consider utilizing nature?

Studies show that people who spend more time outside in nature have a more positive outlook on life. Interacting with trees, sun, sand, water, and fresh air is especially important for those living with grief and trauma. New studies in “grounding” or “earthing” show that by taking off shoes and reconnecting with nature, there is a significant reduction of pain, stress, and inflammation in the body. Grounding mats are becoming popular to sleep on because the body soaks up the earth’s natural healing electrons while dozing at night.

How does utilizing nature promote healing?

By reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression

By increasing production and absorption of natural vitamin D

By improving overall health, energy levels, and ability to sleep

By calming an anxious and ruminating mind

Earthing & Grounding

The terms “earthing” and “grounding” are synonymous. It is simply the act of placing your bare feet on the earth, or walking barefoot. When you do, natural, healing, free electrons are transferred from the earth to your body. This grounding effect is a powerful antioxidant, regulator of the nervous system, reducer of inflammation, and promoter of overall well being.  “Grounding Mats” or “Earthing Mats” are also sold so that while sleeping, the body can heal and repair with a boost from nature.




Handy to Have at Home

  • Bare feet
  • Bird house
  • Hammock
  • Plants
  • Sandbox
  • Seeds and soil
  • Walking shoes


    • Meetup – Search for nature-based groups, outings, and gatherings in your area. Key
    • Words: Bird, Boating, Camping, Flower, Gardening, Hiking, Lake, Ocean, Outdoor, Park, Plant, Picnic, Pond, River, Trail, Walking
    • National Park Service – Plan a park visit, find nature-based events, buy a park pass, get the kids outdoors, and volunteer in the fresh air.


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