S ~ Sliding into Exercise


Sliding into Exercise

Exercise has long been prescribed by doctors to ease the negative affects of anxiety, stress and depression. Body-based movement also helps to alleviate a myriad of grief and trauma symptoms such as sleep disruption, appetite change, muscle tension, and fatigue. Exercise helps heal by:

  • releasing "feel good" endorphins into the body’s system
  • decreasing isolation (join a walking group, take a yoga class, work out with a partner)
  • acting as a positive distraction from negative thoughts that lead to anxiety and depression
  • stimulating the growth of new brain cells that sharpen skills in concentration & memory





  • Yoga Cards by WorkoutLabs – A deck of over 50 flashcards incorporating yoga poses, breathing exercises, and meditation forms.
  • Yoga Pretzels by Tara Guber and Leah Kalish – A deck of 50 jumbo illustrated flashcards with yoga activities for children and adults.

Handy to Have at Home

  • BOSU® Balance Trainer – Exercise clips, equipment, and DVDs about training with the BOSU (“Both Sides Up”) ball.
  • Foam Roller – Products, educational tools, and information on the benefits of using
  • foam rollers for exercise and muscle massage.
  • Stability Exercise Ball – Equipment, exercises, and various workouts using a stability ball.
  • TRX Suspension Training Band – Articles, equipment, and videos about exercising with the TRX band.


  • Brilliant Body and Mind by Tori Brillantes – Inspiration, motivation, and videos about solo and group exercise at any age.
  • Meetup – Find fun indoor and outdoor exercise groups in your area.
  • One Fit Widow – Blog, exercise coaching, nutrition, and fitness tips.
  • Team in Training – Train to walk, run, or cycle while raising funds with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.


How can you SLIDE IN TO EXERCISE to assist your healing journey?

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