N ~ Nutrition



In times of emotional distress, our relationship with food changes. With a stomach in knots from grief, pain & anxiety, some forget to eat entirely. Others survive by reaching for foods that provide comfort- sugar, processed foods, caffeine, alcohol- and emotional eating may continue for years after the initial grief or trauma. Proper nutrition promotes healing by:

  • aiding in digestion
  • boosting vitamin levels that increase energy levels
  • reducing nausea and constipation
  • supporting the immune system




Meal Assistance

  • Blue Apron – Meal ingredients and recipes delivered to your home. Follow the recipe
  • and make the meal.
  • Freshly – Healthy meals prepared and delivered to your home. Reheat the meal
  • if needed.
  • Dream Dinners – Make meals in store kitchen and take home and freeze. Thaw and cook
  • meal when ready to eat.
  • Dine in 2nite – Organize meals to be delivered
  • Let’s Dish – Let family and friends freeze healthy meals for you



How can NUTRITION assist you in your healing journey?

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