T – Touch (New)

T – Touch

Why consider adding touch?

Touch is a basic human need that can lessen or change when a loved one dies. Studies have shown that touch-deprived infants have a variety of health issues stemming from their lack of tactile attention, which is why many hospital programs enlist volunteers to simply hold babies. While on the grief and trauma healing journey, the touch factor can be increased by the help of friends, family, pets, licensed body workers, and certified massage therapists.

How does touch promote healing?

• By inducing oxytocin, the “bonding hormone” that is known for reducing stress
• By lowering stress level, heart rate, and blood pressure
• By strengthening the immune system
• By easing symptoms of depression and anxiety



Handy to Have at Home

  • Hand-Held Massage Stick – Instruction and video on how and why to use The Stick as “a toothbrush for muscles.”



How can you integrate touch into your healing journey?