I made it to the gym after Brent died, but was completely unable to motivate myself. At all. So, I sat on a stationary bike and listened as the spin instructor,Tori Brillantes, motivated me to move. Then I signed up for her small group training class, and she motivated me to move. Then I signed up for her Ride & Row class, and she motivated me to move. And as I got to know this woman, I learned that she was no stranger to grief and loss herself. Yet, here she was, motivating others to MOVE and LIVE and THRIVE. Tori has been an inspirational part of my healing process. She is in her mid-50s but has the body and mindset of a 30 year old! She is simply an amazing person- both inside and out. As she puts it, “Don’t let my age fool ya… I’m a fitness coach & instructor, certified badass and an Escrima World Champion. I live to inspire you to be all that you can!”

Tori motivates others to use SLIDE INTO EXERCISE as a healing tool
(I am the one wearing the hat!)

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