R – Right-Brain Release (New)

R – Right-Brain Release

Why consider right-brain release?

Traumatic experiences are sometimes impossible to talk about, and talking is a left-brained activity. When there are “no words” to express life-altering situations, the right side of the brain must be accessed and utilized. This is where images, emotions, and body sensations are stored. The right hemisphere tends to be creative, nonlinear, irrational, intuitive, relational, and holistic, and this is often where grief and trauma healing can begin. Music, art, movement, sand, symbol, and imagery can be highly effective in accessing the right side of the brain, which in turn leads to more comprehensive healing.

How does right-brain release promote healing?

• By providing access to psychological healing through nonverbal means
• By increasing awareness of innate internal coping mechanisms
• By allowing the subconscious mind to unlock the door to expression
• By enabling trauma resolution in connecting right and left side of the brain

Sandplay Therapy

is a very effective form of therapy for those dealing with grief, trauma, and PTSD. By creating scenes using miniature figures in a tray of sand, the client’s subconscious mind gathers symbols and imagery to work through issues that have no words. Neurobiological research supports the fact that emotional memories and traumatic sensory experiences are stored in right hemisphere of the brain, along with non-verbal, sensory experiences such as images, body sensations, and emotions. Non-verbal therapies like Sandplay are one of the most effective ways to assist traumatized clients in healing.

Sandplay Therapy – An Introduction by Patricia Dunn-Fierstein. Filmed & Edited by Garrett Fierstein



Handy to Have at Home

  • Art supplies (blank sketchbooks, clay, colored pencils, crayons, paint)
  • Coloring books (doodle books, inspirational words, mandala designs, meditative shapes)
  • Illustrated Discovery Journal (blank notebooks, glue, magazines, scissors)
  • Kinetic sand



How can right-brain release assist you in your healing journey?