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Why consider nutrition?

In times of emotional distress, our relationship with food changes. With a stomach in knots from grief, pain, and anxiety, some forget to eat entirely. Others survive by reaching for foods that provide comfort—sugar, processed foods, caffeine, and alcohol—and emotional eating may continue for years after the initial grief or trauma. Enlisting help from community resources is an effective tool for getting eating habits back on track. Nutritional tools and information are widespread, from television chef shows and specialty cookbooks to nutritional counseling centers and online health communities.

How does nutrition promote healing?

By aiding in digestion

By fighting depression

By boosting vitamins that increase energy levels

By reducing nausea and constipation



Eating with Grief by Secrets of Life and Death

The Healing Foods Diet by Dr. Axe


    Meal Assistance

    • Blue Apron – Meal ingredients and recipes delivered to your home. Follow the recipe and make the meal.
    • Freshly – Healthy meals prepared and delivered to your home. Reheat the meal if needed.
    • Dream Dinners – Make meals in store kitchen and take home and freeze. Thaw and cook meal when ready to eat.
    • Dine in 2nite – Organize meals to be delivered
    • Let’s Dish – Let family and friends freeze healthy meals for you



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