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Why consider laughter?

Nothing seems funny when grief and trauma barrel into life. Yet the psychological and physiological benefits of laughter have been researched and documented. It’s no wonder why comedian Bob Hope traveled to entertain the troops throughout World War II; it’s no wonder that physician Patch Adams continues to bring his clown-like antics to children in hospitals around the world; it’s no wonder that laughter yoga has become popular with groups of all ages. Whether forced or spontaneous, laughter can help heal life.

How does laughter promote healing?

By reducing feelings of anxiety and depression

By strengthening the immune system

By reducing levels of physical pain

By lowering blood pressure


Add comedy channels to your radio line-up

Watch comedians live, on YouTube or television

Surround yourself with funny people (children & animals can work well)

Check out a class in Laughter Yoga

Buy a bright orange Laffy Laffalot Toy to induce a daily chuckle


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