K – Knowing Your New Environment (New)

K – Knowing Your New Environment

Why consider knowing your new environment?

In so many areas, life before grief and trauma looks very different than life after grief and trauma. Not all the same relationships work. For a life that has been altered, an ecomap can help provide clarity about your new environment. An ecomap is a written diagram (“map”) of an individual’s environment (“eco”) that provides a visual picture of clarity. Social workers have used ecomaps for decades as simple tools to chart and assess both positive and negative relationships within social environments, families, and groups. But everyone can ecomap their lives—no need to be a social worker! Through an ecomap, plans can be made to change, modify, or strengthen relationships in a “new life” environment.

How does knowing your new environment promote healing?

• By determining positive social supports and assisting in strengthening those relationships
• By determining negative social supports and assisting in modifying those relationships
• By providing clarity and focus about social, emotional, and behavioral relationships
• By decreasing anxiety, stress, and pressure in relation to social situations

Try this A2Z Activity: 

Knowing Your Environment Eco Map Exercise(PDF)



How will you get to know your new environment to help your healing journey?