J – Journaling (New)

J – Journaling

Why consider journaling?

Journaling, writing, composing letters, or collecting images can be a helpful practice for those living with grief and trauma. Nowadays various workshops, retreats, and online classes serve as effective tools to assist people in writing their way through the darkness. The act of transferring conscious or subconscious words, feelings, and images from mind to paper may help to release internal feelings of despair, promote a sense of self-compassion, and provide a stepping stone to realize future hopes, goals, and dreams.

How does journaling promote healing?

• By reducing emotional stress
• By lowering blood pressure
• By improving heart health
• By tapping into the subconscious
• By aiding in the therapeutic growth process



  • Center for Journal Therapy: Life-based Writing for Healing, Growth, and Change – Beginning techniques, classes, conferences, resources, and links.
  • Refuge in Grief: Emotionally Intelligent Grief Support – Offers a thirty-day creative writing e-course called “Writing Your Grief.”

Handy to Have at Home

  • Blank journals
  • Colored pens
  • Illustrated Discovery Journal Materials (blank notebook, glue, magazines, scissors)
  • Journal prompts (Google “Grief Journal Prompts” or “Grief Writing Starters”)

How will you incorporate journaling into your healing journey?