This A2Z workshop tapped into the deep recesses of my heart where I didn’t even realize I was still hurting. The love and care of Susan was beyond expression! She is awesome. Do not miss this workshop!

~ Debbie M.


Thanks, Susan! I had no idea how A2Z was going to help me, though now I know. I am going to start an image journal and try the activities & suggestions in your workbook and website.

~ Lynn K.

I had the good fortune of participating in a hands-on workshop at Camp Widow East in Tampa, facilitated by Susan Hannifin-MacNab of A2Z Healing Toolbox. I strongly encourage you to check out her brand new FB page and visit her website She is offering concrete steps you can take and things you can do every day in order to heal. Susan knows her stuff. It is hard-earned, well-researched and lovingly offered. Say YES to Susan’s work!

~ Tom Zuba (Author of Permission to Mourn: A New Way to Do Grief)


While at a conference in Florida, I spent time chatting with Susan, the Founder of A2Z Healing Toolbox. She genuinely cares about people and their life experiences in loss, love, life & renewal. Her advice is solid–and she is a mental health professional. I highly recommend that you take some time to learn about her and her healing help.

~ Dr. LeslieBeth Wish (Author and Founder of


“I was suddenly widowed with 4 children. Many people helped me- therapists, widowed groups, friends, family, spiritual advisors- and encouraged me to ‘take care of myself’, ‘be kind to myself.’ As a mother, I didn’t really know what that meant. My mantra was ‘if my kids are okay, I’m okay”. Many books written about the grief/trauma subject took on a cheerleading vibe, extolling the virtues of gratitude and other platitudes. But none of this addressed the trauma of how to keep getting up day after day to care for children, to help a bruised and battered soul survive each day. Susan’s A 2 Z Healing Toolbox was the first resource which addressed the trauma of a sudden transformation in life. By combining Susan’s own personal experiences with her well annotated A 2 Z resources that work in real life, I had new ideas on how to rebuild my traumatized self – in small , practical steps. In both grief and trauma, the healing hurts. Susan’s workshop and materials acknowledged that and gave me permission to take care of myself.”

~ Monika C.


“I found the A 2 Z Healing Toolbox to be a powerful resource. It provided so many ‘go to’ resources and tactical healing options which still helped me even 7 years post loss…”

~ Robin L.


“The A 2 Z Healing Toolbox materials are well organized and can serve as a quick reference for anyone who has experienced a great loss. I lost my daughter in a car accident in April 2014. I didn’t have the resources nor a manual to guide me or help me on this grief journey. The A 2 Z tools led me to alternative healing and grief methods, it provided helpful web sites, books, and resources I never knew existed. There is something for everyone in the A 2 Z Healing Toolbox. Thank you, Susan, for your dedication and strength for putting such a resource together for us.”

~Trish L.


“Soon after I lost my husband to a sudden death I was looking for something that would help me work through my grief. When I learned about A2Z Healing I found it to be a very unique tool that offers simple, everyday suggestions for anyone who has experienced a loss and is looking for help to get through the day. In particular I liked the resources listed for each topic. For me it’s the go-to handbook to have at my fingertips when I need support. Susan’s insight as an experienced social worker, as well as her own personal loss, give her the ability to approach the matter from different perspectives and offer helpful advice. I would recommend the A2Z Healing Toolbox to anyone who has lost a loved one.”

~ Heidi R.

“Thank you for the excellent workshop!  Such a wonderful smorgasbord of helpful tools simply explained and engaging participants in a meaningful way.”

~ Sue D.

“I wish I had found you sooner.  I love all the resources and can’t wait to dig deeper into them.  I feel energized and hopeful.”

~ Chris M.

“The weekly single small step e-letters, they always guide me to the website, which is really great. Personally, I love the practicality of it all. I am action-oriented—insight and understanding the causes of feelings can only take us so far. My grandmother always said “God helps those who help themselves” and I believe in this, being ‘co-creators’ in our lives.”

~ Mary