H – Higher Power Help (New)

H – Higher Power Help

Why consider higher power help?

Because symptoms of grief and trauma can be so varied and overwhelming, some form of prayer, meditation, or ritual that calls upon a higher power, a “larger force,” or God can aid in healing. Numerous research studies linking prayer and meditation with overall wellness have been conducted, including Dr. Andrew Newberg’s How God Changes Your Brain: Breakthrough Findings from a Leading Neuroscientist. Newberg’s findings conclude that “Spiritual practices, even when stripped of religious beliefs, enhance the neural functioning of the brain in ways that improve physical and emotional health” and “intense, long-term contemplation of God and other spiritual values appears to permanently change the structure of those parts of the brain that control our moods.”

How does higher power help promote healing?

• By reducing levels of stress
• By decreasing blood pressure and heart rate
• By slowing rate of breath and inducing a sense of calmness
• By strengthening the immune system


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How can a higher power assist you in your healing journey?