D-Doing Your Homework

Why consider doing your homework?

Gathering and understanding information related to grief and trauma—including normal reactions, behaviors, and processes—can assist individuals in applying helpful tools and resources to their healing process. Doing grief and trauma homework is similar to doing self-guided “bibliotherapy,” which refers to using books, articles, journals, magazines, videos, websites, and brochures to support positive outlook and change. Intentionally moving toward healing various components of our lives, whether physical, emotional, psychological, behavioral, social, or spiritual, allows room for the business of restoring, renewing, and rebuilding lives.

How does doing your homework promote healing?

• By increasing the understanding that the personal effects of grief and trauma are universal
• By decreasing personal isolation, helping you realize that no one is alone on their healing journey
• By allowing recognition of possible steps to take to promote processing and restoration
• By integrating positive new ideas, habits, and thought processes into life rebuilding

Try these A2Z activities:




Spousal Loss

Parental Loss

Suicide Loss

Child Loss

Military Loss


How will doing your homework promote your healing journey?