A2Z Member Mail

cartoon red mailbox with letters flying outA few weeks ago I was introduced to Jennifer, a beautiful young woman who is parenting two teenagers; one of whom has Autism. Little did I know that Jennifer is also a writer and blogger! She recently sent me this link to a short article she wrote, entitled “Sink or Swim: Getting Through the Hard Stuff”. Check it out… I think you’ll see yourself in her words.

Coming Soon! Another New Healing Book

Book coverL anxiety the missing stages of grief

My wonderful friend and colleague, Claire Bidwell Smith, is both an author and grief therapist. Soon she will be publishing her third book entitled Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief. Claire explains, “In my upcoming book, backed by research, case studies, and interviews, I break down the physiology of anxiety, giving readers a concrete foundation of understanding in order to help them heal the anxiety caused by loss. Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief explains the intimate connection between death and grief and how they specifically cause anxiety– unpacking everything from our age-old fears about mortality to the bare vulnerability a loss can make us feel.With concrete tools and coping strategies for panic attacks, getting a handle on anxious thoughts, and more, Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief bridges these two emotions in a way that is deeply empathetic and eminently practical.” To learn more about Claire, attend one of her remarkable retreats or pre-order her upcoming book please visit her website.

Tips, Tricks & Tools for Healing

bare feet standing in grass next to shoes


Get Grounded! New studies in “grounding” or “earthing” show that by taking off your shoes and reconnecting with nature, there is a significant reduction of pain, stress, and inflammation in the body.


Go barefoot on the sand, in the grass, at the ocean or by the lake. Buy a Grounding Mat, which allows your body to soak up the earth’s natural healing electrons while dozing at night.


U = Utilize Nature. Studies show that people who spend more time outside in nature- interacting with trees, sun, sand, water, and fresh air have a more positive outlook on life, get more frequent boosts of happy endorphins, and maintain higher levels of the natural anti-depressant Vitamin D.

Lydia’s Healing Story

woman meditating in field during sunsetMy dad’s health had been declining for some time, but his actual passing was much quicker than any of us expected. It scared me. I really wanted to run from it, but somehow felt that doing so would dishonor his memory and the impact he’d made on my life. At the time, I’d been doing a morning meditation and found this practice served a new purpose in grief; it provided a space to just let the sadness and loss wash over me and to connect with memories and reactions. When I didn’t meditate for a few days, I found myself inexplicably angry and frustrated because I had no other outlet for these emotions and thoughts. In retrospect, the most important gift that meditation gave me was being less afraid of grief. By being still and sitting with the sadness, I saw that grief comes in waves and that I could either fight the wave or flow with it. And ultimately, flowing with it was the only thing that would ever bring relief.