Splash into Summer Self Care



What does SUMMER mean to you?

Sea & Sand? Sailing & Sunsets? Sorbet & Sundaes? Slow Down & Snooze?

For me, summer means all of these things… but it also means making extra time for SELF CARE!

summer-sss-002Summer happens to be the season of my own birthday, Brent’s birthday, our wedding anniversary and his death anniversary. It’s a lot to manage emotionally.

We all have these seasons- weeks and months when we need to slow down and take even better care of ourselves. Grief, loss and trauma have taken their toll on us and we need to take the time to “refill”.

Each summer I make a special point to insert even more SELF CARE than usual.

Won’t you join me?

Grab a beach chair, a glass of lemonade, and squish some sand between your toes as we head into SUMMER SELF CARE with A2Z!

Each week throughout the summer season, the A2Z Single Small Steps e-letter and A2Z Facebook Page will focus on “Short & Sweet Summer Self Care” – tricks & tips, hints & ideas all focused on taking care of ourselves as we live with loss.

With support & encouragement in the summer sunshine,

Susan 🙂