A2Z Healing Toolbox

L ~ Laughter

laughterNothing seems funny when grief and trauma come barreling into life. Yet the psychological and physiological benefits of laughter have been researched and documented. Laughter promotes healing by:

  • Reducing feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Increasing levels of endorphins (happy hormone)
  • Improving blood pressure, breath rate and heart health 
  • Strengthening the immune system 


Jim Gaffigan (McDonald’s)

Jeanne Robertson (Bungee Jumping)

  1. Add comedy channels to your radio line-up
  2. Watch comedians live, on YouTube or television
  3. Surround yourself with funny people (children & animals can work well)
  4. Buy a bright orange Laffy Laffalot Toy to induce a daily chuckle
  5. Check out a class in Laughter Yoga at laughteryogaamerica.com




Games & Toys

How can you integrate laughter into your healing journey?

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